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Refugee Project

'Love will come to the hart, but like a refugee...' (Leonard Cohen)

In 2016 I stayed a week in Idomeni /Greece, in a refugee camp.
I worked with 
children giving creative workshops in a tent.

Shocked by the circumstances and impressed by the spirit of the people. 

wanted to share this experience. Back home I designed and presented,

together with a poet and a journalist, an event involving paintings and

poems with the public.

Some titles:
Farewell, don't look back; Stella Maris or Water-grave;

Eternal Track for FreedomStarvation upon Abundance.

Triple-Trip to Ireland: a magical experience

Three inspiring creative workshops given by 3 Dutch couples who settled down

in the nature of Southern Ireland, escaping consumer lifestyle back home.

Titles of 7 intuïtive paintings: 
Playfull Connection; From dawn to dusk; Four elements and One;
Seasons; Inner Light; Suppleness and Strength.

Desert Sand Paintings

During a cross-country trip to Yemen and later during a walking tour through

the Sinaï desert I collected coloured sand, crumbling from the rocks through erosion,

resulting in these paintings.

Some Titles:

Tribal city SADA in northern Yemen; Sand Coloration;
Empire (Irak war 2003); Dance of the Floating Islands; Footprint.

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